Sunday, July 29, 2007

Courting International Customers

We sell internationally with great success. We sell over 40% to international customers. Many of our customers can not get the product - punk, Disney, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc in their countries or they have to pay horrendous prices, so they
purchase them from us. We also charge a reasonable price for shipping and handling.
So, go out there and court your international customer.

20+ Sales in the first month!

This is incredible. With our other stores we were lucky to get 1 sale in the first month! We might have gotten more sales Ecrater store., but we were sceptical, and we concentrated most of energies on selling at our Ebay store. During August we will be concentrating most of our time on our Ecrater store. . Why pay those horrendous Ebay fees . Ebay is concentrating most of their energies on courting large companies, has forgotten what made them big, us little guys!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wow! We have finally opened a Web Store!

We have tried several different webstore setups - CRE, Yahoo and other stores, but nothing worked, but we found ecrater and holy smokes, we started selling stuff within a week! We are ecstatic! We have never had so much success! There is an incredible community over there, they really support each other. The owners of the site run a tight ship, they are really on the look out for scammers! The amazing thing is that it is free! A free store! No hosting charges! No setup charges! It is incredible!

Visit our store at Fun Cool Coolectibles