Sunday, August 19, 2007

It is the Nightmare Before Christmas Time

It is the Nightmare Before Christmas Time Our autistic son starts playing halloween music and sounds about this time of the year. Today we will be putting on the Nightmare Before Christmas Video, eating home made popcorn with garlic butter and parmesan cheese, I am salivating just thinking about it. This is one of the very few videos that everybody in the family enjoys! We have anime people, Hilary and Duff people, Horror and comedy people, and nobody watches other people's movies - but everybody will watch the Nightmare Before Christmas together! And I am the cook and everybody loves the popcorn - non of that packaged stuff for us! This is a true get together time for everybody! We start getting into the halloween spirit really early!
Actually, we start getting into the halloween spirit just a little early, because we have an online store Fun Cool Collectibles and we start to stock it's shelves a little early. I will be dedicating the next couple of posts to Nightmare Before Christmas. So, if you are a true fan of the nightmare before christmas movie, come over to this blog everyday to read my little posts about the movie and Burton, who is a really intriguing director. And oh visit our Fun Cool Collectibles Store

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