Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are You looking for Unique Christmas Stockings for Unique Gifts

Every Christmas morning, we would get up out of bed and run down to look at all of the cool christmas gifts, look at the decorations on the tree, and then grab our unique personalized christmas stockings and rummage through them. We would always have little Disney toys, candy, socks, and other little Christmas stocking stuffers.  I have had a Christmas Stocking since I can remember. There are  some unique and unusual stockings around these days. Our oldest son has an emmense Christmas stocking or should I say Christmas sack. The other two teenagers have large stockings, but now where near the size of our oldest! Of course our two cats have their own stockings as well - but they are small Christmas Stockings.

Have you ever thought  about where this Stocking came from? It seems that most countries lay claim to this tradition, but most experts claim that the Dutch came up with this custom almost 400 years ago.  Children placed their shoes next to hearth on December 5, the night mostly associated with St Nicholas. The children would fill their shoes with  straw for the white horse that was carrying the gifts and for the food for St Nicholas. Stockings, pillows, or commercial Santa sacks would replace the wooden shoes in Britian, Europe, America and the rest of the world in the 20th Century. 

Most of us can remember how exciting it was for us to go through our stocking for food, small gifts and other knick knacks. My father was Irish so we always got some funny stuff in our stockings. We were lucky enough that we weren't bad enough to get a lump of coal.  

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