Friday, February 22, 2008

Ebay Boycott Week is Winding Down...who is Victorious?

As most of you might know, this past week Ebay buyers and sellers have been boycotting in protest to the many recent announcements of changes. Although the numbers at Ebay have fluctuated up and down all week long, I believe the true impact to be what the numbers can't tell you.

Who is Victorious? I believe the victory this week belongs to the many buyers and sellers who have not only boycotted Ebay but have actually started to buy and sell at other alternative sites, such as Ecrater and Ebid. They have cut the apron strings from the "Big Bad Bay" and gone out on their own.

I had read post after post on such forums as PowerSellers Unite and Ecrater, from sellers AND buyers alike; sellers who have either moved their products to another site or created their own website and buyers who have searched and bought products from sites for the 1st time. Alternative sites, have seen their sites grow 3x's their size in this week. These people, my friends, are the real winners. They are the VICTORIOUS!

I have had buyers email me after they bought my product, telling me how happy they were to find what they were looking for, WITHOUT having to look at Ebay.

I have shared stories with other sellers. At the beginning of the week, I listening to their fears, hearing the uncertainty in their future. By the end of the week, many of them were already receiving sales in their new "habitat", their tone was a sigh of relief, their conclusion..Yes, it can be done. There is life after eBay!

On the short term it does not seem like the boycott has impacted ebay at all. But Ebay better be careful on their shrug of the shoulders attitude because the effects of Ebay's new business module, is still yet to be felt. Those who haven't jumped ship, are waiting until May. Those who already have, are taking their customer base with them. It shall be a long year for Ebay...

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