Saturday, March 1, 2008

Think Spring? See our collection of Tees!

As an online business seller I realize you always have to be ahead of the game. Like always looking ahead to the next holiday and the next season. When your product has to travel through the mail, you really need to think about advertising weeks before the fact. So I sit here and think about the coming of Spring. Not as easy as it sounds. We are currently getting hit with another snowstorm, the 2nd one this week, and they are calling for 10" of snow to fall before morning. Welcome to winter in Upstate New York!

For those of you already basking in 60 and 70 degree weather, or those of you who wear T-shirts no matter what the temperature,(My daughter fits that description)please take a look at the fun and cool tee shirts we have in stock:

Disney Couture Dumbo T-shirt Jrs size S
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Face Mens Tee sz M
Nightmare Before Christmas Turquoise Striped Jack Face Boys T-shirt sz L
Nightmare Before Christmas Juniors Jack Skellington Neon Tee
Mighty Fine Invader Zim Juniors Tee Shirt sz S
Invader Zim Gir Toddler Tee Shirt sz 2T

Are you thinking Spring fashions yet?? Stop by our store and browse even more Tees:
Rock Band T-shirts, Disney T-shirts, Nightmare before Christmas T-shirts, and much much more

And for those of you still stuck in the winter doldrums, like we are, check out our winter clearance section for some good bargains!

See you tomorrow after all the shovelling! Maybe I'll post some photos!

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Chisum Trail Mercantile said...

Spring, spring wonderful spring - and tshirts - what a nice thought. A nice selection - well done