Sunday, July 20, 2008

Embracing The Squidoo Experience

Check out my lens Just about everyone who knows about Web 2.0 has a Squidoo lens. Some have 2-3, others have made it a competition, personal endeavor and/or money-maker have anywhere upwards to 300-500 lenses!

I started out with three lenses, Nightmare Before Christmas, Decorate with Disney and For Those About to Rock. Their main purpose was to advertise our Fun Cool Collectibles business and showcase our merchandise. This goal has been met. We get a steady flow of traffic and a good conversion rate on our products.

But as in every business, goals can always be improved, revamped and widened. One of the steps of my new goal was to update and improve on my current lenses. Fresh updated information is a key to a good Lensrank at Squidoo. So I spent the day updating my lenses and reading up on new information. Two things became of this process that is worth mentioning:

1.)I learned about important new places to submit my lenses:

Lensroll: This site is basically Digg for Squidoo lenses. You can submit your lenses (a maximum of two per day)and users can vote for them.
Squoogle: This site is a link directory not only for Squidoo lenses but also Hubpages, Gather etc.
LensMasterWorld: This site is a Squidoo Directory for Lensmasters. Submit your lenses here.
Squidom: This site is called "The Kingdom of Squid" You can submit your lens and vote for your favorites. A nice added touch on this site is that when you add your lens, it also gets twittered on Twitter!

2.) I stumbled across this lens, "Are You a Stay-at-Home Mom(or Dad)Interested in Earning a Monthly Income". This person outlines her past year and a half on Squidoo and documents the money she has earned from her lenses and affiliates. She breaks it down month by month and by how many lenses she had live during that time. It grabbed my attention, it also gave me a renewed interest in taking a closer look at Squidoo as more than just a traffic generator, but as a real moneymaker. So I have been reading and researching, absorbing the tips and tricks on the many different lenses of the Giant Squids. I will take time but I will share how I proceed and if I get lucky and start earning more than 3 bucks a month.

My new improved serious attitude for creating lenses was applied in the new lens I made today, "All About Tinker Bell"

Oh and as previous mentioned in another post this week, I also created a lens about my son with Autism. That now brings me up to 5 active lenses. Yes a far cry from becoming a Giant Squid, but nonetheless, a start.

If you are new to Squidoo or would like to learn more about optimizing your lens, I recommend checking out the new Squidoo Answer Deck Headquarters.

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