Saturday, July 19, 2008

Garage Sale Fever? What's wrong?

Well I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to clean out some of the 15 years of accumulated junk. It's been a S-L-O-W painful process but finally got a good start for a yawn sale. As I sit and price stuff I think what a great way to get rid of this stuff quickly and pass some great steals onto others. Yeah right! The first weekend (last week) was marred a bit by extremely hot weather and severe thunderstorms. But customers did come and BROWSE.

One of my first customers took a took at my Disney DVD's priced at $2.00 and $3.00 and informed me the lady up the road was selling Disney movies for .25 a piece and I would do better if I DROPPED my prices. I just smiled sweetly and fought off the urge to go running and buy all the Disney movies at the other garage sale for a quarter. LOL. But seriously, an hour later 2 of the Disney movies were gone. I know times are tough and everybody is looking for a good deal but since when did garage/lawn sales become so....CHEAP???

Gas and food have skyrocketed to unbelieveable new heights. People should be flocking to garage sales, especially as the new school year is just a month away. I have good quality teen clothes for .10, .25, .50. Name brand jeans for $1.00 in almost new condition? But where are all the buyers. I was quite depressed.

This week so far has faired much better. Today yielded almost $100. I know if I lived in a big city I would be celebrating right now as I prolly would have sold everything! But I live in a small town in a line of small towns and those gas prices can be a real yard sale killer.

I just want to clear out the bulk of the stuff and give the rest to charity. But I'd just like to do it quickly...more quicker than weekly weekend sales. I considered auctions but at 30% commission..hmmm..I'll pass for now. I'm leaning toward listing the really good stuff on craiglist or kijiji, wonder if that will have any rate of success. I hear of others having good luck. Guess I won't know til I try.

If anyone knows any tips or tricks, success stories for craiglaist or kijiji? Drop me a comment. Much appreciated.

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