Monday, July 14, 2008

Patches 1998-2008

Our family pet Patches died earlier this week, she was 10 years old. She was a beautiful calico colored cat with a gentle soul. She and I were not very close until after I split with my ex-husband, it was then she seemed to change and adapt, becoming my protector. If I was yelling at the kids or crying, she would come running into the room and look at me meowing..until I reassured her all was well.

She "talked" to me all the time, my daughter, was always a bit jealous cause Mommy could get Patches to meow on demand and she couldn't. And purr, she had one of the loudest purr motors I have ever heard!

At night, she would make the rounds, slepping for a bit in each of the kids rooms, until finally settling down for the night on my hips. And she would drive the boys crazy, following them around all day when she was in heat.

This past year she had become very thin, she threw her food up regularly. She went through a same dark period last year but seemed to work through it and regain her weight back. This time around though, I could sense a loosing battle, I suspected a form of stomach cancer had taken over her body and this time she would not win the fight. She never seemed in any pain which I am grateful for.

It was particularly hard to learn of her passing away when I came home from work. I felt sad and upset that I hadn't been able to be home and spend any time with her the day she passed. My daughter who was 5 yrs old when she picked Patches out of a box in front of our local Wal-mart, took it the hardest. They practically grew up together.

As the circle of life must go, we will start over with a new kitty, prolly by next month. Deep down, both my daughter and I know, there will be no other kitty in our lifetime that will ever be or take the place, of our dearly beloved Patches.

We love you, rest in peace!

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